Who we are


What is the GRID?

Outsource GRID is a hub where you can find the specific IT service for you and your business. All we need to know is a basic information about your project. Our experts will ask you the right question in order to evaluate with precision what is the best solution for you. We will search through our grid of providers and partners and come back with several solutions that include price, estimated time to deliver and non the less quality.

Once we find your tailored service our project/sales managers will help you get the exact solution as it is offered. The key point that we strive to maintain at high level is the quality of service delivery. Following our experience we know that every task, event, project, service, etc. need to be managed and supervised in detail by a dedicated expert. Thus we minimize the time to deliver and maximze the quality of service!


Our strengths

Business Consulting
Project Management
Sales Management
IT Consulting
Telecom & Data Center Services (Outsourcing)
Graphic Design
3D modelling and printing