Design Objectivism


What isDesign Objectivism?

Design Objectivism operates in the sectional medium of art, design, science and engineering where the fusion between data and design reproduced through the digital represents the innovative progress of the scientific proliferation unlocking abundant architectural possibilities for layered complexities. The technological progression reveals the duality of the present and the future at the intersection of the design discipline as a context for solving forthcoming challenges with current tools and knowledge.

The development trajectory of technology has revolutionised the course of science and design providing widely accessible instruments for better understating and utilisation of natural models and behaviours into architecture. The main ambition of our approaches is to lead the design field into more ecological and sustainable buildings with layered complexities for performance thus achieving buildings as an outcome of an algorithmic network of functions materialised through robotic actuation.



Developing a library of natural behaviours to be incorporated into various design disciplines


Exploring new morphologies as a result of arithmetic objectivity


Material development of ecological material palettes to replace the current material catalogues


Developing multimaterial additive manufacturing tools and software


Investigate layered functionality on micro and nano scales


Examine heterogenous material blends for novel material synthesis


Radostina Borisova
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